The Fundamental First-Aid Kit to Fixing a F*%$ Up


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How to make a perfect First-aid kit for any type of hike; whether you fall, trip, or stumble, your body will thank you. Without a first-aid kit, any cut or burn can lead to infection which can have brutal results. Here is The Fundamentals of a First-aid kit for dummies.



Here’s a link to a straight-forward blog compiled of the essentials for any hikers’ first aid:

First-Aid kits can come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on what you are using for a backpack, you want to make sure you’re taking up as little space as possible. Why bring more then what you really need.

This size of kit would be an optimal size for any day hike.

Speaking of small, here is a guide to packing a mint tin survival kit:


Another feature that I personally find helpful is having a small pocket guide to first aid with you. Let’s be honest here, we aren’t professionals when it comes to first-aid.

However, If you are, then you can skip this step. 


Here are some links to First-Aid handbooks I found:


Click to access m55540601_FA-CPR-AED-Part-Manual.pdf



Having a First-Aid kit while hiking is one of the most important items to bring – besides water. Hopefully these Fundamentals of a First-Aid Kit will help with Fixing any F*%$ Ups that can occur while hiking.


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